Welcome to AMIGOS Hospitalito Atitlán

Amigos Hospitalito Atitlán (“Amigos”) is a US nonprofit corporation, which was formed to provide financial, material and human resources assistance to subsidized healthcare services in rural Guatemala. Our original focus was on Guatemalan charitable organizations that had strong roots in their local communities and could leverage Amigos support with a broad base of donors and volunteers.

Amigos has fulfilled this mission by concentrating our support on Hospitalito Atitlán, a small private nonprofit hospital serving 75,000 Maya living on the southern shore of beautiful Lake Atitlán in the Guatemalan highlands.

The Hospitalito is operated by a Guatemalan nonprofit organization, Asociación Pro Salud, Educación y Desarrollo “K’aslimaal,” which has benefited from innumerable medical and nonmedical volunteers and is well supported within Guatemala.

Amigos has awarded the hospital two grants, providing:

  • Money underwriting subsidies for medical treatment.
  • Funds for the construction of the new hospital building, completed in 2011.

The organization not only offers financial support, but also organizational, technical and marketing assistance that enhances Hospitalito Atitlán’s work. Amigos also processes all US donations.