Amigos strives to maximize the impact of every dollar donated.  The organization operates with an all volunteer board and staff in donated offices. As a result, we respond to all inquiries in the timeliest manner possible. We appreciate your patience.

Amigos Hospitalito Atitlan is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.  Copies of the organization’s Determination Letter and annual tax filings (IRS Form 990) may be downloaded from the links below or are available upon request. 

Tax ID:  26-4582168

IRS Determination Letter

2021 Tax Form 990

2020 Tax Form 990

2019 Tax Form 990

2018 Tax Form 990

2017 Tax Form 990

2016 Tax Form F990

2016 Tax Form F990A

2015 Tax Form F990

2015 Tax Form F990A

2014 Tax Form F990

2014 Tax Form F990A

2013 Tax Form F990

2013 Tax Form F990-SA1

2012 Tax Form 990

2011 Tax Form 990

2010 Tax Form 990-EZ

2009 Tax Form 990-EZ